brp07CIB = Chicks in Bowls

A few years back I believe about 2011, I attempted to get some of the Derby girls that I was shooting to start making some skatepark excursion.. well that went over about twice before many decided that their Derby too important to be risking any injuries especially before bouts so that faded out quickly.

Here we are it was either end of 2014 or early 2015 I started getting Facebook request for me to “Like” these Chicks in Bowls pages.  The first one I believe was from the Mexico Chapter of CIB, cool, chances are I wouldn’t make too many trips to shoot them but I was definately for the idea of seeing more girls skating bowls. Then another request came in from the SOCAL Chapter.. I accepted but still hadn’t followed through with checking them out.

I think it was about April 2015 when after shooting a roller derby bout I saw one of my good friends who not only just finished skating in the Roller Derby Tournament, but she was just finishing up skating the nearby bowl along with her friend Haley Havak.. got to talking to Haley and she got me up to speed on the whole CIB scene so I started following them a little closer and decided to check out some of their session.

This was perfect, something I was hoping for back in 2011 has finally come to life and what a perfect combination of 3 of my main interest at the time, Roller Derby, Skateboarding and my love for shooting both.

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